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This week, our executive team will convene in Chicago, as we formulate strategy for the year ahead, and synthesize services and solutions to meet our clients evolving needs. While in Chicago, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate our clients through a client appreciation event. Please join us Wednesday, 8/9 from 5-8PM CDT at Siena Tavern.

Fueling our leadership team’s discussion this week, it’s been long anticipated that there would be consolidation in a crowded and somewhat fragmented EMR/EHR application market, but also from the healthcare delivery organization perspective as well. To achieve scale and sustainability in the transition from fee-for-service to value-based-care, M&A is inevitable. It’s challenging for small, independent physician groups, and small, specialty EMR/EHR vendors to keep pace with the changes to reimbursement and the additional complexity the digitization of medical records has brought on. As such, it was unsurprising to learn late last week that Allscripts had acquired McKesson’s Enterprise Information Solutions business.

Amid this M&A activity, we’ve lived at the nexus of transition for the past several years, facilitating clinical data migration and clinical data archival. As a commitment to our role as data stewards, we made significant investment in our clinical data migration platform, GalenETL, and our clinical data migration archival solution, VitalCenter Online Archival, to offer consistency, security, efficiency, scalability and auditability.

However, not all healthcare delivery organizations are well suited for EMR/EHR replacement and/or merger or acquisition, often due to economic factors that preclude an investment in a new system. Those organizations are faced with getting the most from the original investment they made, and optimizing the current clinical system in place.

Living close to the clinical data, we support these clients by leveraging a data-driven approach to optimization, harnessing operational data to determine opportunities for efficiency, enhanced usability, and consequently a better experience for clinicians with their clinical systems. We invite you to review some of the perspectives we’ve gathered, and the resources we’ve assembled to help facilitate and guide HDOs in their optimization journey.

Our Newsletter also reports on:

  • The value and impact of clinical staff on EHR data migration
  • Clinical data archival strategies being used in the marketplace
  • EMR clinical optimization infographic

I hope that you find this information helpful, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

Steve Brewer, Chief Executive Officer


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AUG 9:
2017 Client Appreciation Reception

SEP 19:
Options to Consider When Replacing ConnectR

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EMR Clinical Optimization CIO Perspectives

Two prominent health information technology leaders, who have quite a bit of experience in the optimization field, provide perspectives on the topic. Sue Schade, MBA, LCHIME, FCHIME, FHIMSS, is a nationally recognized health IT leader and Principal at StarBridge Advisors, providing consulting, coaching and interim management services. Jim Boyle, MPH, CGEIT is Vice President of Information Services of St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare (Anaheim, Calif.). In his current role, Jim oversees the delivery of applications and technology and is a member of the executive leadership team.

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EMR Clinical Optimization Infographic

This infographic provides critical information and statistics pertaining to EMR optimization including EMR Market Maturation, EMR Capital Investment Priorities, EMR as a Valuable Asset vs Required Repository, Clinical Optimization Goals & Benefits, Types of Clinical Optimization, and Clinical Optimization Effort & ROI Matrix

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8 Metrics to Quantify the ROI of Data-Driven EMR Optimization

In implementing EMRs out of the box, most HDOs leveraged prescriptive, templated workflows to speed deployment. Often, this came at the expense of efficiency, canned workflows may work for some groups, but also are likely to introduce unnecessary clicks. Luckily, there is a fix. Customization of workflow to streamline is a large area of opportunity for optimization.

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Top 4 Efficiencies From Leveraging EMR Metadata to Drive Optimization ROI

It’s indisputable that there are tremendous insights to be gleaned from the interaction with clinicians and EMR software. Inspired by an exchange from a #HITsm tweetchat, it spurred a need to highlight the massive opportunities that exist to harvest EMR operational data for workflow improvement. 

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Not All Data Archival Solutions Are Created Equal

Inside the world of data archival, there are nearly as many different types of archives as there are vendors. Many of the existing data archival solutions that have gained popularity with large healthcare organizations are ones that are also frequently utilized by other sectors and often claim to be able to “archive anything.” Explore data archival strategies:

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Why You Should Involve Clinical Staff in Data Migrations

Once you have decided to migrate your current EHR to a new system, proper staffing of the project will be imperative to the success of your migration. Employing the right clinical staff will provide various perspectives on how your new EHR will accurately display patient data from your legacy system. Here’s how they can help

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