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With HIMSS18 less than two weeks away, attendees are likely in conference prep mode, arranging meetings, planning session attendance, coordinating with colleagues, and signing up for client appreciation events. This year’s conference promises to repeat many of the same themes as last year, as the industry continues to experience consolidation, and healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) grapple with the transition to value-based care.

While the latest buzz surrounds artificial intelligence, machine learning, and precision medicine, many organizations struggle with the practical application of these technologies in a complex, adaptive system like healthcare. Instead, HDOs remain focused on actionable initiatives to rationalize EMR investment, improve EMR usability & efficiency, and position for care coordination & care management. These include clinical documentation improvement, legacy application retirement & support, clinical data archival, and, of course, the broad area of population health management.

Anticipating client focus on the aforementioned initiatives, we remain vested in developing resources that aid clients in navigating those critical areas. We’ve amassed healthcare information technology executive sentiment, perspective, and insight as part of our CIO interview series. While at HIMSS, we will be conducting video interviews with CIOs to distill their additional viewpoints and impressions from the conference.

We’ve also sponsored informative panel webinars on the topics of legacy application support, clinical data migration, and clinical data archival, where experts share lessons learned and best practices. The latest in this series features Douglas Miller, Project Director, Partners Healthcare, and April Morris, Program Manager, Catholic Healthcare Initiatives. View the recording to hear their salient advice for tackling clinical data archival.

Our Newsletter also reports on:

  • Integration of SDoH into PHM
  • EMR remote hosting considerations
  • Continuation of the CIO interview series with Shane Pilcher, CIO, Siskin Rehab
  • Provider and patient engagement

I hope that you find this information helpful, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

Steve Brewer, Chief Executive Officer


Upcoming Events

MAR 5-9:
HIMSS18: Booth #8229

[Hosted by HealthSystemCIO] Expert Panel: Application Transition, Legacy System Retirement, and Data Archival

[Hosted by HealthSystemCIO] KLAS Reports: Implementation Services 2017: Which Firms Consistently Exceed Expectations?

[Hosted by Healthcare Informatics] Expert Panel: Seamless EHR Transition Through Data Migration

[Hosted by HealthSystemCIO] Healthcare Data Archival Strategy

[Hosted by HealthSystemCIO] EHR Transitions: Legacy Support and Staff Augmentation


This Issue

Top 4 Legacy EMR Support Partner Evaluation Criteria

Over 50 firms were rated in the KLAS Report: Implementation Services 2017. How then does a healthcare delivery organization (HDO) decide which vendor is the best fit for providing legacy EMR support as they transition to a new EMR? In examining which firms provide the best value for HIT Implementation Support and Staffing, KLAS found that consistently exceeding expectations drives provider success.

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Integrating Social Determinants of Health into PHM

If providers are to have a chance of implementing effective population health management strategies, social determinants of health that help to take the “vital signs” of a patient’s community must be integrated into the electronic health record. Better integration between traditional clinical data and community-level information is needed, with a more comprehensive and standardized approach to integrating socioeconomic data into the EHR and point of care.

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CIO Interview Series: Shane Pilcher, CIO, Siskin Rehab

As Siskin’s first CIO, Shane Pilcher paved the way for IT to have a place at the executive table, and now he’s finding new ways to make sure all technology is optimized to fully meet physician needs. In this interview, Pilcher discusses reassessing workflows when implementing new technology, why Siskin needs more than an acute-care-based EMR, and how telemedicine is affecting rehab. He also touches on the CHIME CIO code and the true importance of peer-to-peer connections.

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Clinical Accuracy and the Human Connection: EMRs, Patient Face Time & Bedside Manner

Obviously, there are boundless advantages that the advent of EMR technology has provided us – continuity of care, drug interaction and allergy alerts, transference of clinical, imaging and lab data, as well as more comprehensive scheduling and patient ownership of data. But I have to wonder – is the embrace of this fundamental health care technology causing a disconnect between provider and patient?

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EMR Remote Hosting: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

In today’s healthcare landscape, healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are faced with an abundance of choice. As technology has improved and the utilization of EMRs has become ubiquitous, yet another decision has come up for many healthcare organizations today – should we contract with our EMR vendor to host our environment or maintain our own server infrastructure locally?

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Expert Panel: Application Transition, Legacy System Retirement, and Data Archival

In this webinar, our experts share best practice advice for planning and implementing the technical and functional aspects of a healthcare data archival project. They share legacy application retirement approaches, options, considerations and end-to-end process. View the webinar recording to hear their perspectives and lessons learned from real-life data archival initiatives.

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