Physicians Using Optimized EMRs Report Measurable Benefits:
7 0 %

Report faster, more accurate service billing and overall time savings

5 9 %

Report cost savings by eliminating management and storage of paper records

5 3 %

Report worksite efficiency increased

Source: Deloitte Center for Health Solutions 2013 Survey of U.S. Physicians

Quality Ratings at MEDITECH Hospitals

Higher EMRAM hospitals are more likely to have higher quality

Asset 42 Data from HIMSS Analytics ® LOGIC , n= 863 Above the National average Below the National average High 0%― 10%― 20%― 30%― Comparison Efficient use of medical imaging Mortality Readmission Percent of Hospitals by Level Low High Low High Low
Quality Ratings at MEDITECH Hospitals: Effectiveness of Care

58% of Meditech Stage 6 hospitals performed above average.
Stage 6 hospitals accounted for 50% of the above average scores with only 28% of hospitals.

Asset 43 Data from HIMSS Analytics ® LOGIC , n= 256 Above the National average Below the National average 2 3 4 5 6 0 ― 100 ― 50 ― Comparison Hospitals
Quality Ratings at MEDITECH Hospitals: Safety of Care

Hospitals at or above Stage 5 accounted for 75% of scores above average with only 64% of hospitals.

Asset 44 Data from HIMSS Analytics ® LOGIC , n= 328 Above the National average Below the National average High Low 0 ― 150 ― 50 ― 100 ― 200 ― Comparison Hospitals
Improved Patient Safety and Quality

Through the use of rules and enforcing clinical protocols at your organization

MEDITECH 6.X Rules Engine Package

Rules engine allowing for outlining additional protocols in documentation and ordeing tools
Types of rules inclue:

  • Calculations
  • Messages/Flags
  • Hard Stops
  • Requirements
  • Soft Stops
  • Skip
  • Suppress
  • Combinations of the above

Problem List Evaluation

Evaluate up to 1000 problems in a
single rule and offer clinical
decision support.

TPN - Total Parenteral Nutrition

Use patient height, weight, and
stress levels to auto-calculate the
components of the TPN order.

Manage Transfer Guidance

Evaluate the list of orders and autonotify the receiving provider of orders to contribute or discontinue.

Increased Revenues

"When I started at Hilo Medical Center our net revenue was around $100 million in a good year, now we're at $150 million on an annual basis, and our incremental gain has been out 2-3 percent year after year. The charge capture, revenue cycle and clinical documentation to show our gains has been huge for us and MEDITECH provides great features helping us to reach these numbers." - Money Atwal, CIO, Hilo Medical Center

Reduced Med Errors

Hilo also saw a reduced medication error rate from 2.3 to 0.2 per 10,000 administered doses through optimization and governence in the close medication loop process.

Reduced Transcription Costs Using Clinical Documentation

Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA, USA) measured a $250,000/yr. reduction in transcription costs after implementing MEDITECH's consultant clinical documentation tools. Berkshire CMIO David Albert, MD, says, “PDoc enhances communication among providers, and even more importantly, improves compliance with medical records standards.”

Reduced Readmissions

Citizens Memorial Healthcare (Bolivar, MO, USA) saw a reduction of hospital readmissions among telehealth users, with just 9% of those patients readmitted after discharge, far lower than the national benchmark of 29%. Using MEDITECH’s EPR, Citizens was also able to increase their overall revenue and reduce employee, clerical and transcription costs.

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Enumclaw, WA, USA) lowered their CHF readmission rate from 16% to 3% by being paperless. Those readmissions are non-reimbursable care, so dramatically decreasing those rates means capturing lost revenue.

In implementing early recognition of sepsis triggers, Avera Health realized $10MM in cost savings based on a $5K decrease in cost per case and witnessed a 45% reduction in sepsis mortality.

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