Note Form Reporting

Note Form Reporting unlocks the valuable discrete data found in Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR v11 Notes.

Our Clients

This process allows our physicians to capture the documentation in the note for evidence and then automatically drops the charge. It’s a beautiful workflow because the clinical staff typically doesn’t have the time to review the note documentation and then determine whether or not the appropriate performance tracking / non-billable charge codes were added to the encounter form. The charge integration aspect of the Note Form Reporting tool is a huge value add!

Nick Ivon, Director of Informatics (Ambulatory)
Lakeland Regional Health


Can’t we just search the note data directly from our database?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. The v11 Note data is stored in a complex, nested XML format, with frequent references out to other areas of the XML and to discrete look-up tables in the EHR. Each time a Note Form or Input Template is changed in the EHR, the resulting v11 Notes will have a different XML structure. Galen's Note Form Reporting processes the data into a more accessible, relational format so that you can query it in minutes rather than months.

Who uses Note Form Reporting?

Note Form Reporting transforms the v11 Note data into a format that is queryable. Users of Note Form Reporting are SQL report writers. Galen will work with your reporting team to ensure you have proper training on the Note Form Reporting data structures, and Galen is also available to create reports on your behalf.

Can Note Form Reporting work without impacting our production EHR?

Yes. Note Form Reporting performs a brief nightly data extract that pulls the note data into a new database that is completely separate from the production EHR database. It is designed to not interfere with the operation of your system.