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VitalCenter is a business continuity solution allowing organizations to continue seeing patients during EHR downtime.

Our Clients

An afternoon of cancelled appointments is a significant amount of money. Our analysis found that if a physician used VitalCenter for 20 minutes to avoid cancelling one appointment, the application would pay for itself for the whole year.

Michael Hayes
Director of IT, Summit Medical Group


What kind of server is required for VitalCenter?

During our initial call with a customer, we go over our Infrastructure Requirements Document. This contains basic server requirements as well as networking details such as ports used by the solution. Based on the number of providers who will be using VitalCenter as well as the size of your EHR database, Galen will recommend a specific server configuration. We will also help review server quotes to ensure that you receive the proper hardware.

Can VitalCenter be used in times of total network downtime?

Yes. VitalCenter is designed to allow providers to continue to see patients both in times of total network downtime as well as during EHR downtime (e.g., upgrades, maintenance, unplanned downtime, etc.).

How do VitalCenter upgrades work?

When a new version of VitalCenter is released, we notify all customers and work with them to schedule a time to upgrade and also recommend whether they should upgrade, as not all upgrades are applicable to all customers. During a VitalCenter upgrade, there is no EHR downtime. Upgrading the client-side software also requires no intervention from our customers—the upgrade is automatically streamed out to the end-users. Upgrades are also included in your support contract, so they come at no extra cost to our customers.