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ENGINUITY is a rapidly deliverable clinical content package that harvests the power of MEDITECH Rules Engine to streamline clinical workflow, drive care, and automate documentation.

Our content concepts are crowd sourced by MEDITECH users and designed by Galen's Rule Writing Engineers. We take pride in our "You ask, We Listen" design philosophy as we work together with frontline users who provide a unique perspective into a clinicians daily workflow. ENGINUITY tools are designed to help MEDITECH users focus less on documentation and more on patient care. Estimated delivery times are less than one month and we'll do all the nerdywork. Book a demo to find out more!

ENGINUITY won the Health IT Expo 2018 Practical Innovation Award. As part of the recognition, product evangelist Kelly Del Gaudio was interviewed by John Lynn of Healthcare Scene.

Video Demonstration

Product Features

Risk Calculators: Clinical scoring tools and calculators meant to risk stratify patient populations. These tools are designed by applying key concepts from Inspired EHRs: Designing for Clinicians.

Risk Calculators and Scoring Tools

  • Framingham Risk for CVD*
  • Jaundice/Hyperbilirubinemia Risk*
  • Framingham Risk for Stroke*
  • Wells Score for DVT*
  • Framingham Risk for Heart Attack*
  • Pediatric Blood Pressure Percentile
  • CEAP Classification for Chronic Venous Disorders
  • Opioid Risk Assessment
  • Mini Mental Status Exam
  • Mini Mental Status Exam (Spanish)
  • Early Warning Score

* Uses Galen Problem Drivers.

Problem Driven Documentation: Patient Problem Rule Drivers enforce documentation of Clinical Quality Measures and promote better management of chronic diseases.

  • e-Quality Discharge Measures
    • Pediatric Asthma Discharge Care Planning
    • Stroke
    • VTE
  • Bidirectional Order Set vs. Problem List Checks
    • Pneumonia
    • Sepsis
    • CHF
  • Chronic Disease Management/Acute Problem Evaluation
    • Diabetes
    • Heart Disease
    • Asthma
    • Atrial Fibrillation
    • Dialysis
    • Hypertension
    • DVT
    • Acute Myocardial Infarction
    • Asphyxia
    • LVH
    • Acidosis
    • Sepsis

All Problem Driven Documentation functions use Galen Problem Drivers

Clinical Decision Support: Designed to increase the quality of care, promote positive patient outcomes, decrease errors and adverse events, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase provider and patient satisfaction.

  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (Premix and Custom)
  • Order Alerts at Selection
  • VTE Prophylaxis Compliance*
  • Opioid Risk for Inpatient/Ambulatory Prescribing
  • High Cost Drug Alerting

* Uses Galen Problem Drivers

User Education Tools: Educational tools assist and train end users in a way that is non-invasive to their daily workflow, while allowing senior users to opt out of informational prompts.

  • Managed Transfer Protocol
  • Popup-Opt Out (or Opt In)
  • Coding Level Education Sheet
  • New/Infrequent User Education Protocols

Development of Enginuity

November 2016Operation Nerdywork FormedNine hospitals ranging in bed size, specialty, and demographic came together to form our first MEDITECH Focus Group: Operation NerdyWork. February 2017Finding The NeedOperation Nerdywork collaborated with Galen to identify industry pain points and common gaps in care delivery that were not addressed in the current MEDITECH system. May 2017Project Claire[IT]Project Claire[IT] was born to develop unique rule driven solutions to address the top issues outlined by the focus group and was named in honor of Claire Riemer, the original "Queen of Rules" who worked at MEDITECH for 23 years. June 2017MUSE 2017Project Claire[IT] was launched at the 2017 annual MUSE Conference and the follow-up webinar went on to become the highest attended product showcase in MUSE history. September 2017 ENGINUITY Project Claire[IT] evolved into a deliverable content package and was branded as ENGINUITY for MEDITECH 6.x/6.1+. Delivery of ENGINUITY Content kicks off at Freeman Health, a 396 bed Med/Surg hospital in Joplin, MO.

Our Focus Group

Being part of the focus group has been exciting, as well as rewarding, and I have been able to bring the perspective of a small critical access hospital to the table. We have the same needs as the bigger hospitals with less resources to do the work. To participate in the evolution of the rules package has been gratifying and amazing. I am seeing rules create solutions that I couldn't even imagine were possible. The content that's been developed is sleek and intuitive and I am excited to see what the Galen team develops next.

—Cathy Alvarez, Clinical IT Analyst, Uvalde Memorial Hospital

Continuous Improvement

ENGINUITY is a crowd sourced, tailored solution driven by the needs and recommendations of our customers.


The content housed within the ENGINUITY enterprise solution suggests a wide range of benefits, ranging from cash releasing (enforcing protocols to meet MU and other government protocol mandates) and quantifiable benefits (significant click reduction, reduction of medical errors, never events, unsatisfactory patient outcomes, increased patient and provider satisfaction) to indirectly associated benefits (avoidance of penalties, turnover due to poor system satisfaction). Our calculators and tools are diligently researched and follow clinical protocols and government mandates. If you have a question on an individual tool, we can provide the clinical research and algorithms used in that calculation and medical journals used in its design.

Upcoming Events
  1. MEDITECH 2017 Physician and CIO Forum

    October 18 - October 19
  2. CHIME 2017 Fall CIO Forum

    October 31 - November 3